SIP Scooter-Store

Landsberg am Lech (D) 2022

SIP Scootershop GmbH is one of the world's leading mail-order stores for scooter accessories, tuning and spare parts. A few years ago, a stationary store including an Italian café was set upat the headquarters in Landsberg am Lech - largely under its own management. However, theoperator quickly realized that a physical outlet follows different rules than an online store and so in 2022, Vivamo GmbH was commissioned as a professional store planner to redesign thestore. In addition to the desire for a lifestyle-oriented vintage look, the customer's focus was on a higher product capacity and greater variability in the product presentation in order to beable to react flexibly to seasonal changes and adjustments to the product portfolio in the store.


Vivamo has a long tradition of working for sports, leisure and lifestyle brands, which meantthat the right design language, choice of materials and color scheme could be defined veryquickly. The raw and yet invitingly warm vintage look is made up of raw steel, vibrant oldwood, matt black backgrounds, untreated concrete surfaces and open installations. The mix ofmaterials is rounded off with original vintage elements such as a classic runner or an oldworkbench.


The more complex part of the task then consisted of a new zoning and the right mix in theproduct presentation: for the displays, a functional shopfitting system had to be harmonizedwith the desired vintage materials. In addition to the design work, the assembly team was particularly in demand here: old wooden planks were used for the furniture construction, which were processed on site and suitably supplemented with new wooden components. At the end of the process, the merchandising and matching decorative accessories provided thefinal authentic lifestyle feeling. Passionate Vespa mechanics' hearts beat faster at the sight ofan engine block and the unique scooters, and the machines provide the perfect setting for an exciting presentation of accessories and lifestyle gadgets.


Client SIP Scooter Shop GmbH, Landsberg am Lech, www.sip-scootershop.com

Design and realization Vivamo GmbH, Bochum, 2022