Shop Fitting & Retail Design

Our core business. Shops, Shop in Shop, Pop Up, Displays

In times of rapidly growing online trade, stationary retail faces special challenges. To be successful at the point of sale, every retailer must ask itself what added value it can offer its customers to lure them away from the sofa and the online competitor into the shop. Location, product and marketing are the essentials. Service and personal advice are an important factor. The rest is retail design. It is no longer just about bringing the largest possible quantities of goods to the space, but rather about emotionalisation and the creation of spatial and brand experience worlds.


Product is king – no king without a throne

Whether in a store, in a shop-in-shop or with a single display - at the centre of a well-designed brand world is always the multi-sensory and multi-media optimal staging of the product. Space, lighting and furniture design, wayfinding, images and digital elements serve the purpose of awakening maximum desire for the product; to make it tangible and experienceable and to charge it emotionally.

Retail Design