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Sunlight POS

Various locations 2022

Sunlight is a manufacturer of caravans and motorhomes and part of the Hymer Group. The brand is located in the entry-level segment and successfully targets a young, progressive and sports-oriented target group. Sunlight is breaking new ground not only in product design but also in marketing, for example by cooperating with and supporting athletes from the bike and board scene.

Sunlight has also ventured into new territory at the point of sale. In 2021, Vivamo was entrusted with the development of a fully comprehensive dealer program. Whereas dealer support in the RV industry has to date been more or less limited to logo placements and beach flags, this is the first time that a complete program of furniture and presentation tools has been developed to bring an authentic Sunlight brand image to life at the point of sale.

Since 2022, every Sunlight dealer in Europe has been able to order individual items from the POS catalog, ranging from entry aids and vehicle signage to deck chairs, sunshades and fire barrels, as well as desks, chairs and plant containers, or have Vivamo create an individual design for sales offices, indoor and outdoor lounges, etc. in the holistic Sunlight look. Vivamo also takes care of production, procurement and logistics of the POS program on behalf of Sunlight, as well as assembly at the point of sale if required.

The look and materiality of the furniture program is based on Sunlight's progressive brand image, which bridges the gap between outdoor and urban adventure. Scaffolding, container and sand sheets, screen printing plates and climbing ropes find new areas of application here; the color spectrum ranges from natural wood tones to light gray and military green to timeless black.

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